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Hello Steven A. Rorabaugh ... Where R U ?

Keep in touch with some of you buddies after you have left the hallowed halls...

johnh373 New Member

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An old "Brush Mountain Club" member looking for this friend. Last saw Steve in the Hearld newspaper when he found an old cemetary in Connecticut I believe. Would love to hear from him or anyone who knows of his whereabouts.

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I'm sorry to be bringing bad news. Sadly, Steve Rorabaugh passed away in June 2007. ... even-a.txt

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And, on this same website:

johnh373 New Member

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Thank you to both Blain and to Beachbiker for the news.

Steve was a close friend as we were growing up as kids, playing in the old nighborhood on Washington Avenue. Steve was a brave veteran of the "Cameron Avenue Wars" that were fought in the 60's. Some may remember the "breakout" from the garage in the alley. We stayed friends while Steve was stationed in the Coast Gaurd on Governors Island in NYC. Steve actually snuck me onto the island one night and I slept in the barracks till the next morning, while I was living in Manhattan.

Sadly we grew apart as our lives took different paths but I will always cherish the memories of our friendship and our days as members of "The Brush Mountain Club". Steve was always his own man and I admired his passion for the outdoors and adventure. He was always loved and will be missed by his true friends. Goodbye friend and may you find the peace you shared with the rest of us.

crissy68 New Member

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Hi...this is Stevie's neice, and I would just like to say thanks for remembering him. He passed away on June 8th, 2007, and is very much missed.


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