The Great Insect Fair

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The Great Insect Fair

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Bee There! Penn State’s The Great Insect Fair

Find out what’s happening with the honey bees and all your favorite six-legged critters at 15th Annual The Great Insect Fair, being held on Oct. 4. Sponsored by the College of Agricultural Sciences' entomology department, the fair takes place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Snider Agricultural Arena, at the corner of Park Avenue and Fox Hollow Road (across from Beaver Stadium) on the University Park campus.

This year the fair’s theme, “To Bee or Not to Bee?”, focuses on honey bees, including the role they play in the food chain and the challenges they face. “Honey bee colonies continue to die the across the country from a syndrome called Colony Collapse Disorder,” says Steve Jacobs, senior extension associate in entomology and fair coordinator. “Penn State is taking the lead role in finding a solution to the decline of the nation's honey bees and other pollinators, which are critical to the production of $15 billion worth of crops in the United States.”

In keeping with the theme, this year’s fair will feature bee observation hives, displays and information about Colony Collapse Disorder, and fun games and activities such as Nectar Collector, Haulin’ Pollen and making beeswax candles. In addition, dancing bees will be projected on a giant screen inside the arena throughout the day.

Organizers say other fun and interactive events are being planned to appeal to people of all ages:
• Build-A-Bug Competition - -- Bring your homemade insect for judging and a chance to win prizes (for rules and guidelines, visit the Web at
• Insect Olympics
• Cockroach Races
• Putt Putt Golf
• Butterfly Tent-Interact with live butterflies!
• Insect Petting Zoo -- See and touch many fascinating, live insects from around the world.
• Insect Deli -- Featuring infamous "Chocolate Chirpies" (Honey & chocolate-covered crickets).
• Live Musical Entertainment
• Children's Games and Activities
• Insect Vendors -- Shop for insect pets and insect arts, crafts, books and t-shirts.
• The BugMobile! -- Learn about insects and integrated pest management while chatting with the one and only talking car.

Admission to the Great Insect Fair is free, although donations will be accepted to help defray costs. Free parking is available at the Snider Agricultural Arena and across Park Avenue behind the Centre County/Penn State Visitor Center. For more information, call the entomology department at 814-865-1895 or visit the Web at For more information on honey bee research at Penn State, visit
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Re: The Great Insect Fair

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My family took this in last fall, and it was really cool.

I didn't partake of the chocolate coated crickets, but the displays were really neat, and the kids really had a blast.
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