The Great Insect Fair

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The Great Insect Fair

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Here's a fun event coming up for the young and young-at-heart...and its free!:

The mystical, magical world of insects will leave thousands of visitors spell-bound at Penn State’s Great Insect Fair this year. Sponsored by the College of Agricultural Sciences' entomology department, the fair takes place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sept. 29 in the Snider Agricultural Arena, at the corner of Park Avenue and Fox Hollow Road (across from Beaver Stadium) on the University Park campus.

Steven Jacobs, senior extension associate in entomology, says the fair's theme, "Winged Wizards – Spell-Binding Insects," will focus on the mystical and magical qualities of many insects. "People are fascinated by insects but are often afraid of them," Jacobs explains. "In actuality, very few insects are pests. We're focusing this year's fair on beneficial insects such as honey bees and how we depend on them in our everyday lives."

This year the fair will also feature Phydeaux’s Flying Flea Circus with Chief Wahoo and the Miracle Elixir Medicine Show. As pitchman for the miracle elixir, George Esparza will talk visitors into trying his cure and at the same time will be ringmaster for his amazing flea circus. Audiences will be spellbound as the world-renowned acrobatic fleas defy gravity and surmount impossible feats of strength and agility.

Organizers say other fun and interactive events are being planned to appeal to people of all ages:
• Honey Bee Ball
• Build-A-Bug Competition - -- Bring your homemade insect for judging and a chance to win prizes (for rules and guidelines, visit the Web at
• Insect Olympics -- Compare your physical prowess to that of bugs in a series of Olympic-style events.
• Insect Petting Zoo -- See and touch many fascinating, live insects from around the world.
• Honey Tasting
• Insect Deli -- Featuring critter cuisine such as mealworm stir fry and infamous "Chocolate Chirpies" (chocolate-covered crickets).
• Live Entertainment
• Children's Games and Activities -- Kids can enjoy face painting and make their own magical insect wand.
• Ladybug Theater
• Insect Vendors -- Shop for insect pets and insect arts, crafts, books and t-shirts.
• The BugMobile! -- Learn about insects and integrated pest management while chatting with the one and only talking car.

Admission to the Great Insect Fair is free, although donations will be accepted to help defray costs. Free parking is available at the Snider Agricultural Arena and across Park Avenue behind the Centre County/Penn State Visitor Center. For more information, call the entomology department at 814-865-1895 or visit the Web at
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If Mike has 13 apples, and gives six to Jane, how many does he have left?: 13
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Re: The Great Insect Fair

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:shock: .... :rofl: OMG.... What won't they think of next ??!! This should be very interesting. Thank's so much for the info.... I'm going to try to make it over there, I would just love to see that. :thumb:
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