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Looking for Tom McGeary ( class of 84-85 ?? )

Remember who your best friends were in high school? would like to help you find them! Submit their name and your own, along with any message you have for them and you might get a response from them! Good Luck!

tammy Member

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Anyone know the whereabouts of Tom McGeary I would be greatful..It is very important to me to find him..I graduated in 86 and I do believe he is a year or two older than I am..Its not bad news or anything I just need to let him know something very important\Please anyone..let him know I am looking for him

I will checking here regularly

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Im sorry..I have listed this also under forgotten friend too..
Im desperate to find Tom McGeary..
Nothing bad..
Just need to inform him on something that may be big news to him..
Please anything will help..
Thank you
Tammy Mills

RyanMyers New Member

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caddis New Member

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Tammy if you are still looking for him his brother Jason lives in warriorsmark, I am sure he could help you find him.

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