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Post Sun Dec 04, 2011 8:37 am
moses lee MVP Member

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Location: Altoona
Manipulated for food.
Manipulated for water.
Manipulated for crude.
Manipulated since....
The time of the Father.

Oh, yes!
How we have progressed!
Now it's manipulation of the mind.

What we read
What we hear.
What we precieve.

T.V. show fillers,
For the commercials.
Selling you things you desire.
But don't require.

Are we the Fools?
Are there no rules, of Law?
No equality for all?
Are we just nuts and bolts,
For the tools of manipulation?

Oppression is in session.
Your ranking shall be made by,
Character inspection.
Let us all find the perfect reputation!

moses lee

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