Relay laps 5.13 ( Solstice) welcomes the writing talents that past and present members of the community have to offer. Submit your poems about Tyrone, or poems that you would like to share with the community here!
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moses lee
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Relay laps 5.13 ( Solstice)

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Walking the nights chill, there;
Feet on rubber, mind in air;
Pavilion chairs luminescent, empty;
Lost to conversation;
A circle destination, back to the beginning.

Hide inside the ride of words;
Isolation movie, in the brain;
Holding on to sane;
Escape reality's pain;
Just for a little while.

Cry tears for lost cause;
Revelations see saw;
Box's of solutions;
Silence of death, not spoken-
Only Hearts broken.

Mind molding, Solstice moon;
Creatures of the night howl;
Some on the prowl;
Talking loud, needing to be overheard;

Moon facing;
Time tracing;
I'm out of here.

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