Random writes from broken thoughts III

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moses lee
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Random writes from broken thoughts III

Post by moses lee »

The answers not always yes or no;
The truths not always black or white;
But, the future is always unknown.

I wish this dark place would go away;
Feeling guilty to feel this way;
Have so much to be thankful for;
Just can't get through depressions door.

She laughed at me;
When I stuttered;
At her beauty.

Sometimes my thoughts for writing;
Cross over the line,
Of dark caution.

Across the parking lot:
From the factory where he worked;
His spirit left him;
Before, He shot himself.

Purest thinking;
Burning posts stinking;
Burn Witch burn.
When will we learn?

Were you not of flesh blood and bone?
Had no choice of birth or home.
Genetically grown.
I pick up another chicken wing.
And eat it.

These tiny ants are annoying;
They don't like warm water and white vinegar;
A spider builds a web;
I'll let nature give me a hand.

Close your eyes and sleep;
Weave your way through the wilderness,
Of hidden thoughts,
Known as dreams.

The wind and rain;
Downed trees along the city streets;
I see trees in the forest,
Still standing;
Protecting each other.

Becoming feral;
Against established society;
That has abandoned everyone;
But itself.

I wear a storm cloud as a cloak;
Not because I'm gloom and doom;
But because,
I see the truth in myself.

This Poet is money poor;
But, creative rich.
A personal wealth.

Lovers loving apart;
Separated by cammo;
Some left with a broken heart.

Love is a touchable thought;
From a yearning heart;
To give life meaning.

The truth's not happy;
Happiness lies'
Within our bubble,
Of perception.

For the rest of my life;
All I want to do is-
1. Work
2. Write Poetry
3. Compose Music
And number one;
Has become;
A fleeting thought.

Statues, Stars and Crosses;
Mosques, Churches, Cathedrals with Gothic arches.
Torah, Koran's, and Bible's keeping-
Humans off balance.
Maybe, we all need to take a sip;
From the peace, Chalice.

The trees scream green;
Humid mist's rise up;
To a greeting blue sky.

I climbed a scaffold;
Cut a slice in the sky;
And crawled thru.
moses lee
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