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Post Mon Aug 11, 2003 6:48 pm
Mark Fink

Something Special

It seems there's something special
About those who love to write.
Especially those who rhyme the words,
With rhythm that's just right.

Some think that we are poets,
But we just like to say,
Exactly what is in our hearts,
In quite a different way.

Some like to write in riddles,
Some like to make it plain.
Some speak of joy and gladness,
While others express pain.

Some wait for inspiration
To write their words of wit.
Still others struggle very hard,
To find the words that fit.

I've heard some say that it's a gift
That's given from above,
Designed to be the perfect way,
To tell how much we love.

Still there's something special,
Perhaps you will agree,
About one called a poet,
Or one who wants to be.

Mark F. Fink

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