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Post Fri Aug 15, 2003 4:53 pm

Nature, God's Delight

Life is not what it used to be,
Instead of walk we ride.
We used to stop and look at things,
That now we pass in stride.

The tree, the flower, the bush, the hedge,
So beautiful to behold,
Once was cherished, loved and sought
In the days of old.

But now we rush both here and there,
We fail to use our sight,
To see the bee on the flower
Which is God's delight.

We should stop to see the trees,
With their rings of age,
And view the color of the trees,
With their varied shades.

Notice the drop of water,
So clean, so fresh, so clear.
As it drops from the bush's leaf
Almost like a tear.

Observe the tiny sparrow's nest
In the hedge she used to hide.
The mother bird with her eggs
Lying side by side.

Nature is so beautiful,
Whether day or night.
Remember too, it's there for you,
Nature, God's delight.

Mark F. Fink

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