Involving the Holidays...

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Involving the Holidays...

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Jarod's life consisted of loosely based miracles,

involving the holidays.

It was true.

He's been saved from certain death on his birthday, which also happened to be the 4th of July. Every year, as he watched fireworks, he knew a profound moment as he watched the explosions, and pictured the colors. His life had been spared another year. You see, as in most stories, it was more complicated than it seemed. He had gone out for a drive to clear his head, and found himself some hours later in another state, at the bottom of an embankment, with a number of emergency workers checking to find a pulse. He had hit an ice patch and narrowly avoided running into a gas tanker, plummeting over the guard rail instead. He never forgot that day...

Then there was Christmas, the day he met his long-lost friend.

They'd been separated over a misunderstanding years before, and each gone their own ways. Of course, they hadn't forgotten one another, but still, no phone call. No e-mail. Nothing. Until, one day, remarkably he'd shown up at his door, with a bottle of champagne, some flowers, and his address clutched tightly in his hand. They'd stayed up long past midnight, re-living old times...

Easter, one year, was the time he'd avoided a potentially deadly poison. He still didn't understand how it was possible that he might have received a deadly food poison from eating shellfish, but he only knew he'd been sick as a dog for twelve hours, and then woke up, lying in a putrid mess...but, alive. One had to take their miracles as they came, sometimes.

Memorial Day, perhaps the most poignant of all, he'd escaped from a burning building. That was the day he was written up in the paper as being a lucky son-of-a...gun. Yes. He would have to agree.

Yet, wasn't Thanksgiving approaching again? What might happen this year? Hard to say, hard even to speculate...these miracles. He wasn't sure whether he was expectant, or petrified, or some combination in between.

Only a few weeks to get ready...
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