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Memories (that are beginning to fade....)

A place for Short Stories, fiction or non. Please be sure to credit all sources if they are not your own.

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First of all, let me say that I'm not a writer. I forget proper grammar, punctuation marks and correct spelling at times....afterall, I am in the Autumn of my life now. With that said let me begin....

I am swarmed with memories of a beautiful town called Tyrone. I "almost" grew up here even if my physical address was in NY (not my fault my parents moved there after I was born, I wanted to stay in Tyrone FOREVER). My sister and I, with our mom, spent every summer in Tyrone at my grandparents home. PapPap, as our grandfather was called by my sister and me, was a school crossing guard for many years on the corner of Lincoln Ave., (if I can remember the location correctly), after his retirement from the Penna. Railroad. He loved his job and the elementary aged kids loved him. Some even came to his funeral in 1979. He took his job seriously and never missed a day of work for years, rain or snow. NanNan, our grandmother, was a good Christian woman whom I worshipped, she was so kind. She never raised her voice unless singing (a beautiful soprano) in the Church of the Brethern just a few blocks away, which we would walk to every Sunday morning. I can still hear the heels of my sister's and my new shoes clicking on the brick sidewalk as we went to church on Easter Sundays. Yes, we wore matching dresses and bonnets, even if we were 4 1/2 years apart in age. I can still see NanNan by the stove, wearing her well-worn apron, making her ham potpie for us...the best tasting stuff in the whole, wide world!

I remember a small grocery store on Columbia Ave. (Herberlings ???? or something like's now called, Mac's). If she needed groceries, she'd call with her list and they would deliver them in cardboard boxes to her kitchen.

I remember the Jewel Tea Man who would bring those delicious crumb topping coffeecakes every now and then.

I remember a trip to a downtown bakery (Kunzels????, or something like that) for a dozen or two of their freshly made raisin-filled cookies. I still can't make them as good as they did!

I remember the big, red brick building on the hill, across from the A&P where Cloverine salve was made. I still have at least 20 of those salves in their original tins, I don't use up the salve, just take the lid off and smell it every now and then.

I remember Mike's Drugstore on Columbia Ave. and my sister and I going there for our fountain treats and sitting at the counter whenever we were given a dollar or two. I think PapPap would buy the Sunday paper there too. At least I think that's where he got it because he'd always appear with one and cigarette smoke on his breath (NanNan wouldn't let him smoke in the

I remember a sweet little old lady named, Birdie Schirm who would come visit NanNan. She never married, always dressed in a black dress to her mid-calves with black knitted stockings and wore her hair in a bun and was very religious. My sister and me were afraid of her....we'd be polite, but were always glad when she continued on down the street.

I remember a small candy store that we passed on our way to church, I used to go there a lot until the guy that worked there creeped me out and I would never go back in there.

I remember NanNan feeding the hoboes that would get off the train behind their house. They had to eat outside on her side porch and we weren't allowed to go out while they were there, so my sister and I would spy on them when she wasn't looking. I never could understand why the caution, I guess I do now.

I remember the sounds of the trains at night as they would connect and release the cars getting ready to go about their jobs....I miss that sound.

I remember the papermill sounding that loud blast around lunchtime, ok, breaks over, back to work.... I also remember the smell, I loved it! I was told that when I could barely put a sentence together that made any sense, I would say, "I smell the pay per mule!"

I remember hearing the THS band playing at the Football Field during the Friday night games. Speaking of high school, when I went there for just a few months before moving to FL, it was in the OLD building (where my mom graduated from in the 40's).

I remember my first kiss, under the little bridge where excess street water used to drain off Columbia Ave. I think his name was Dan or something like that. Mom would have killed me if she knew because I was like 12 years

I remember my best buddy Betty Canistracci (and her cute older brothers) and being at their house one time just as they butchered a turkey. He was flopping all over the place, minus his head, in a burlap sack and for a long time I wouldn't eat any kind of meat because of it.

I remember the Citizen's Fire Dept. carnival on the corner near my grandparent's house. I loved it and even after I became a mother, took my 2 little ones there if we were on vacation and visiting Tyrone at the time.

I remember watching the Fourth of July fireworks upstairs at my grandparent's. We would all go to the attic window for a bird's eye view.

I remember watching the "new road" behind their house being built for years. We all hated seeing the beautiful mountains being carved up for it. But you know what they's progress...

I remember going to Gardiner's candy store on a regular basis. I loved those caramel-dipped marshmellows that you could only get in the wintertime. Now, I don't think you can get them at sad, they were the best! Teaberry ice cream, mmmmmmmmmm.....

I remember when the 100+ year old, huge, maple tree started to die in NanNan and PapPap's backyard. At her ancient feet lies many buried beloved pets (mostly colored Easter chicks that never had a chance...thank God they are banned from being sold now). I don't think the burials had anything at all to do with killing the tree, by the way, but not 100% sure...

I remember the Wolf Furniture Company and the red wagon I got one year at Christmas from them.

Yes, so many memories, these are just a few. How I wish I could just turn back time and re-live them all again. I wouldn't do anything different, just spend more time enjoying and living the moment....

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Thanks for sharing your memories of Tyrone! My Mother and family were born in Janesville, up the mountain, and we still will go up there to the community park on Memorial Day to gather with relatives...although the ones we've gathered with are now starting to fall away one by one and go on to another place. (Sigh)....My family was involved in the railroad also, although not in Tyrone, but in Altoona, and other places...there is something about a train that still makes me think of my mother telling stories about my grandfather, even though I didn't know him....Thanks again!

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Jilt, thank you and you are welcome. Actually, my grandfather worked for the railroad in Juniata, in the boiler room.....whew, hot work! I still remember him putting A&D ointment on all his leg boo-boos. I haven't been back to Tyrone except for one time (in the late 90's) since my grandparents passed away. I rode by their old house and my heart got's all changed now and not for the better either. I will always love Tyrone and so glad that I discovered this site.

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Thanks for the memories. I grew up in the East End...Hamlin Ave., right behind Columbia.

People just don't understand what a great place Tyrone was to grow up in. I also love Tyrone and do not get home as often as I should.

It breaks my heart to hear of all of the problems with crime and drugs back there.

We all have such fond memories of a great little town and growing up in Tyrone.

Again...thanks for sharing all of your memories!! :D

Post Wed Jan 31, 2007 10:27 pm
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You're very welcome blueeyes and I'm so glad that it brought back some good memories for you too. Just think we were neighbors at one time! :thumb:

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It seems strange to me to live close to and work sometimes in Tyrone when my grandparents and my Mom and Dad too lived in this area when they were growing up...I wish I had been able to experience some of the same things, but I grew up around Pittsburgh, been in this area for fifteen years, and I am so glad I've raised my kids here. People may complain about increased violence, but believe me, when you've seen the changes in my own hometown, it's wonderful to be here, which is still so smalltown in flavor...hope you come back again soon...

Also, it seems like someone should surely be able to ship you some food somehow, for goodness sake, if you want some East End Hoagies!!! :D

Have a great day!! :wink:

Post Thu Feb 01, 2007 1:03 pm
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East End has said to me that they have tried many ways to ship the hoagies, but it never seems to work. This is coming from them, but.... next time I go home (within the next 3 months) let's do this...... I'll post here, you message me with your address and all, and I will test send you some hoagies and see how it works out. I'll try to do it the Omaha Steaks method. The only issue I see is I will most likely only be home on the weekend, which means I'll have to get the hoagies Friday night and ship them Saturday.... so we lose a day there. They're cheap enough to try.

Post Fri Feb 02, 2007 3:39 am
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Banksy, that sounds good to me. When it gets closer to the time you are going to Tyrone IM me and tell me what it will cost and I'll send you a check before you leave. Thanks for offering...(((hugs)))

Post Tue Feb 06, 2007 1:47 am
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Good job and welcome to the site You are so close on two of the names .. Heberlings was the store that is now Mac's Market . And BTW he is in the process of remodeling the store. Said that the groceries don't make any money and the meat market part pays all the bills , so he is selling off all the grocery items and is putting in a pizza and sub shop..Should actually be open in a couple weeks.. Also Kienzle's bakery did indeed have the best raisin filled cookis I EVER ate.. Do you remember harpster's store on the corner of 15th and columbia??Or going in the five and ten on pa ave and coming out on 10th st.??You bring back a lot of memories. I still live in the Tyrone area and if you decide you want to try ther hoagie thing I could see if it works. I know Banksy has been dying to try it.. Great post.. :thumb:

Post Wed Feb 07, 2007 4:25 am
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Thanks Robbuck for your, I was close with some of the names for reaching as far back into my memories that I did! Maybe they aren't "fading" as fast as I Yes, I do remember Harpster's and those slightly leaning front steps you would walk up AND the squeaky door! He sure had a lot of stuff packed in that small space!
Yes, my grandmother, sister and me would go "down street" (as we always called it) and go into the 5 & 10. I thought it was pretty neat having two entrance or exit doors. I loved the squeaky wooden floors....guess I have a thing about squeaks, huh? I also loved the "old" smells of that store. Reminded me of my grandparent's attic.
Do you remember a Dr. Kirk (I think that was his name)? He had an office in a huge, gray, bank or legal looking building down street? One summer my mom and I came down with pneumonia and he told us if it wasn't for "Vinnie (our grandmother) being such a good nurse and taking good care of us, he'd put us in the hospital." I remember him as being a very nice man who even came out to the house several times to check on us.
I hope one day to get up to visit Tyrone again, just to be there at the place where I was the happiest on earth! They say, you can't re-live your past, I say, like heck you can't....

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I found the perfect little container with the perfect little ice packs that could be used to ship East End Hoagies. I would think you want to put the wet ingredients on the side... including the lettuce. I think it would work but with shipping and the container a $3.00 sub could easily become a 15-20 dollar sub unless you shipped a minimum of 4 then it might be cost effective.

Just a thought. I would not mind testing it somewhere along the way as well. We could try various methods and then use the best method.

Post Thu Feb 08, 2007 8:28 am

All this talking about East End hoagies makes me want to try's a thought. The next time people are home you should have like a meet and greet at East End, and all the roadies and townies could actually see each other. Then you could try the experiment with shipping them too. It might be like a mini reunion...although I didn't graduate from TAHS :( I guess I would have to be adopted or something...still, what do you think? :D

PS Although if you didn't want people to know it was you, you could just pretend you were there by mistake I suppose.... :roll:

Post Fri Feb 09, 2007 1:10 am
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What if you are like me and in the whole world by mistake, huh, what then.... :lol:

Leep Out:

Post Fri Feb 09, 2007 1:14 am
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I got the tree, who has the rope!

Post Sat Feb 10, 2007 6:35 pm
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Leep wrote:
What if you are like me and in the whole world by mistake, huh, what then.... :lol:

Leep Out:

well, it seems like the wide open spaces of montana is the place to be in your case


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