Hospital Care

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Hospital Care

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Are all hospitals created equal?

Scott had been in traction for what was beginning to seem like an eternity, and it was all beginning to blur in his mind. Voices came and went for awhile in hushed tones, and he heard them in the background, but it began to be longer before he could focus on them. He found out after he finally became more alert that he had been injured in his fall, but that it hadn't been worse he could be thankful for. His femur was broken and his tibia had been broken in multiple places. His ribs were cracked, and his internal organs were bruised. He had a crushed ankle, and a broken wrist. His memory seemed faded and far away of the entire event. All he could remember at the present moment was his fear of hospitals. He remembered that he had a friend who had gone into the hospital for a routine operation, and only escaped after several weeks with a severe staff infection and pneumonia, and had a terrible time being weaned off the respirator.

Suddenly, he noticed a small and slight figure standing by his bed, and it stirred a memory of something in him...wait a minute! Wasn't his rescuer small and slight also?

"Hey! Were you my savior? My rescuer?" He felt rather stupid as he said the words...and yet, he wouldn't be here if it hadn't been for that person who got him off that ledge. At least...his mind started to muddle again...

"No. I'm no savior," responded the figure. "I just happened to be in the right place at the right time..."

Scott really couldn't tell if if it was a boy or a girl. He would have said a girl, but something made him realize it could be a boy also. He felt as he would suddenly see a shiny light and end up in a dippy show about angels. That of course, was impossible. He didn't believe in angels...

Just as he looked around again, he noticed his rescuer had disappeared. Funny, they must have slipped out into the hall while he dozed off. He hadn't even realized he was asleep...

Later, the doctor and nurse reassured him that he would soon be able to go home after a few more days of his insurance being required. Then he could vegatate wherever he chose. Scott wondered about his work. Had he taken off for his trip? Yes, that was right, he had. Then he remembered at the small animating company he worked for they were tight already, and had mentioned letting him go. He would probably have to scramble for unemployment.

Or maybe he could travel around again for awhile...
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