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Lessons Learned: Buying vs PMCS

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Post Sun May 11, 2008 12:06 pm
Piscatori New Member

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Let's start with some common facts. A majority of folks buying new computers because their old ones are to slow or any reason other than hardware failure should do maintenance on their systems FIRST. See how it improves, then look at up grading or updating vs buying New. It is impossible to keep up with technology. Sure systems have come way down in price but before we decide to buy one look at these ideas.

if our pooter is running slow, a good clean-up is all you need. There are alot of 3, 4 and 5 year old systems in our homes and offices that have never had maintenance on them. Imagine if we treated our vehicles, refrigerators, other appliances like that. Even if you never connected to the internet, installing softwares (intended for systems with internet usage) can slow our computers down. Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS for us of military persuasion)

Drefragmentation myth. Defragging our hard drives (HDD) makes it run faster. False.

Defragging our hard drives (HDD) is the preferred method of straightening the filing cabinets. Deleting, moving, erasing files leave their fingerprints behind on our HDD. Imagine looking for stuff and it is scattered throughout the house. That's our HDD. Defragging redz it up! Computer can find what we want faster and easier (Data Retrieval Rate) giving the appearance of a faster running system. Defragmentation of our HDD is excellent PMCS and should be done dependent on our usage. At home, school kids, once a month or every six months when we do PMCS.

Post Wed May 14, 2008 12:33 am
My2Cents MVP Member

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As long as I can turn this on, push a few buttons to go where I want to ... fine. However, pushing a few buttons for those extra cirricular activities that one has to participate in once in a while... gives me a coronary. Consequently, McAfee and I are pretty good friends, windows updates and I are pretty good friends.... most everything else, forget it, I'm afraid to go there.

Post Thu May 15, 2008 9:34 pm
Piscatori New Member

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The big culprit to slowing down our systems is the software running in the backgound. Imagine our computer having 512mb widgets. Most older computers use some of these widgets for video, let's say 10mb, now we have 502 mb left for normal software working. Window XP needs widgets, sound, oh yeah all the various messangers, out of date antivirus or anti- spy/ad/mal wares, not to mention the IPOD and on and on and on and our computer runs either out of widgets, freeze up! Look in the lower right corner of your monitor. How many icons do you see there next to the clock. Those Icons are there because the software is in ready mode and draining us of our widgets. We have found that having 3-5 icons of programs that absolutely must be running, Anti-Virus/spy,AD, MAL ware program (updated), network ( 2 small computers) and maybe one messanger program. Other than that, reducing those, NOW our system will run faster.

P.S. Our computers need plenty of ventilation. Your owners manual describes how to open our computers to do dust bunny removal.

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