Cary Simpson

For those great ones of Tyrone Past and Present...
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Cary Simpson

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Let's look at this outstanding person.

Here is a man who has devoted over 50 years of his life to Tyrone. WTRN is a fixture in the Tyrone community. WTRN was there when Tyrone won the State football title in 1999. WTRN was there when Bellwood won the State baseball title.

He has always been there to broadcast the parades in Tyrone and just try describing a parade on the radio. You have to have an amazing mind and creativity to paint the picture of the parade that goes by. He also is always there when a cub or boy scout troop wants to come visit the station to get their communications badges.

His wife Betty, was a leader in the community as well. As a member of the Hospital Board, Tyrone Womens Club and many other things that went well below the radar screen, she gave back huge to the community she grew up in.

I am thankful to the Simpsons because without them, who knows where or what I would be doing now. They gave me a chance to be on the radio. They gave me an opportunity as a 10 year old boy to interview Nick Leasure when he scored his 1,000th career point at St. Francis.

Cary has also through WTRN homored many Outstanding Citizens in Tyrone for giving back to the community.

To use the final line from his award, Cary and Betty Simpson help make this a better place that we call home.
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Cary has been nothing but supportive of our community, and is definitely one of the greats.

:thumb: Rick
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Cary Simpson is one of those people who will probably never know the extent to which he has influenced several generations from Tyrone.
When I was in Boy Scouts he taught the different citizenship merit badges I took. I can think of no one more qualified.
I will never forget how in high school he caught me off guard at the Osceola July 4th parade when he asked me on-air about my thoughts on the parade. I had about a handful of candy in my mouth and only managed some kind of incoherent mumbling!
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If Mike has 13 apples, and gives six to Jane, how many does he have left?: 13
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I 100% agree. Cary Simpson has been a blessing to Tyrone and surrounding areas. It takes quite a bit to gain my repect but Cary did it the very moment he extended his hand in friendship.
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If Mike has 13 apples, and gives six to Jane, how many does he have left?: 13
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Cary Simpson

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[b][color=blue]For sure, Cary Simpson is Mr. Tyrone. He has helped publicize thousands and thousands of events and promoted the fortunes of many over the years in Tyrone. WTRN has been Tyrone's radio station for a long time and Cary Simpson is WTRN and is Tyrone. I worked with Cary and he is a true gentleman and does the best he can do for everyone.
Cary's wife Betty was a wonderful person and did so much for the Tyrone area. Kudos Cary and be well.
Neal Stevens[/color][/b]
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