Romans 11:8

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Romans 11:8

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Romans 11:8
Luke 9:5
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re: Interested in what God has to Say.

Post by banksy »

Wow, I understand you are dedicated and have a message you want to get across, but perhaps you should consider your approach. Your approach turns people off, which my guess is not you intent. Your intent is probably to enlighten others.

You could have considered posing a question such as "Is it possible as Christians we have lost some of the true meaning of the Bible through translation? As a Christian, I am concerend that perhaps I am not following in God's true wishes."

You are given the impression you are attacking the moral fiber of the current Christian community, even though I know better. You have to take into consideration the world you live in and realize that making comments about the church as you are will put other Christians on the defense."

May I ask you a question? As a Christian, are you concerend that your faith, in comparison to say Buddism and Hindusim is in its infancy? Buddism is many, many years older than Christianity. Do you feel those who follow Buddism and Hinduism are incorrect and not properly prepared for the next life? I know that as a Christian myself I struggle understanding how religions other than mine fit into the picture since they are so fundamentally differernt in beliefs.
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