Steve Taneyhill: Former Area Dude Still Does Good

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Steve Taneyhill: Former Area Dude Still Does Good

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How many folks remember Altoona High School standout athlete Steve Taneyhill?

OK, he isn’t from Tyrone itself - but many folks back in my home town probably remember him and were amused and entertained by both his antics and success that reflected on the greater central PA region.

Steve’s flamboyance, unorthodox ways, but successful talents gave him notoriety and much national attention as the quarterback for the University of South Carolina in the early 1990s.

An update: he’s been the high school football coach for Chesterfield, South Carolina for several years now, and recently coached them to a repeat state championship under his helm:

“Chesterfield left no doubt that the better team won the state championship in 2008.
The Rams won their second consecutive Class A, Division I state championship, dominating Carvers Bay 21-0...”“To do anything like we are trying to do, you've got to have the talent,” said Chesterfield coach Steve Taneyhill…”

It’s amusing to me to note a few things from the following article from 1993: ... /index.htm

Steve’s dad - then-AAHS Basketball Coach Art Taneyhill, was one of my teachers in the 1 year I spent at Altoona High - and “local barber, Paul Caracciolo” cited in the above article was my barber, a great influence on my early drumming days, and remains a family friend to this day.

Here is Steve's wikipedia entry, not yet updated to reflect the current state championship:

And finally, a Youtube video of some of his antics - and rather tame compared to ALL those that I recall:
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