Orkin vs Ehrlich..or others

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Orkin vs Ehrlich..or others

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I blush to disclose that I have a vermin problem. Once that was identified, I called Orkin and Ehrlich and have since received their free in-home estimate. I can share details of what they told me and my impressions with anyone who is interested.

My question to the TyronePa Community is do you have any experience with these companies? Effective service? Have do you have an annual service contract? Worthwhile? Are there other critter ranglers I should consider? Any experiences and advise will be greatly appreciated.
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If Mike has 13 apples, and gives six to Jane, how many does he have left?: 13
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Re: Orkin vs Ehrlich..or others

Post by SoccerMom »

What type of pest problem do you have? You may want to try a few things yourself before hiring a pest control company. First, make sure you know what type of pest you have so you can try to eliminate its needs for survival. Removal of habitat, sources of food and water, and sealing off points of entry are some things you can try. Depending on the type of pest, enclosed bait traps work well rather than spraying pesticides around your house, which can be dangerous and ineffective. Anyway, if you decide to hire a pest control company, the following publication will help you choose the best one for you:

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