In Praise of the Fire Police

For those great ones of Tyrone Past and Present...
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In Praise of the Fire Police

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I just saw the following article:

I wish to state my praise and appreciation for all that these folks are doing and have done over the years.

I had the great pleasure of working with these great people when I lived back in the area and served as a firefighter/rescue crew member with 2 different area stations, EMT with the Hookies ambulance, and police officer with both Tyrone and Snyder Township.

I can't emphasize how much the members of the Tyrone, Warrior's Mark, and other area Fire Police sacrifice their time and provide dedicated service to provide for the safety, security, and general well-being of the community. And they do it as VOLUNTEERS.

There were many a time when I was fighting a fire, handling a related emergency, helping extricate a victim, providing direct patient care to a suffering person, investigating an accident, etc - and had the complete confidence, assurance, and satisfaction of knowing that the Fire Police were right there managing the overall scene by performing crowd and traffic control, providing scene security, relaying vital communications and access with media and other agencies, etc.

It's important to note that their generous service extends way beyond emergency situations. I just can't imagine how many other community events could execute without the Fire Police being focal performers in the activities. Parades. Halloween patrols (at least in my time there) to ensure the safety of all and deterrence of vandalism - and worse. Annual events like the Community Picnic. And the list goes on and on.

Can you imagine what the cost to taxpayers would be if these duties were performed by salaried employees? Can you imagine the perils, grief, and suffering that would likely result if the Fire Police weren't there for all of these selfless contributions to the community?

I simply cannot emphasize enough how much the members of the Fire Police - as well as their spouses, other family members, and behind-the-scenes supporters - are deserving of praise by everyone who benefits from their loyal and noble function. They often miss or leave family functions, give up other intended personal activities, and may have arrangements with their employers to leave or modify their schedules in order to respond and participate in the many demands of their Fire Police membership as cited above. Therefore, my praise and thanks - and hopefully, YOURS too - extends beyond the actual Fire Police members to those who provide direct support to their function.

I should note that although my tribute could easily to ALL volunteer emergency and other community-service providers, I imagine that many members of the general community may rather easily understand what the others actually do - while many may not understand the depth and broadness involved with the function of the Fire Police.

On a more personal note, it's really satisfying to see so many familiar - and rather UNfamiliar - names and faces in that article. You see, I permanently moved away from Tyrone almost 25 years ago. Although I have made many visits back to the area - especially when I was stationed (military) only about 100 miles away - it's been 9 years now since I've been there. However, seeing both familiar and newer faces and names indicates to me that the veteran Fire Police endure, while new members have assumed the time-honored many responsibilities of Fire Police service.

Finally, I'm glad to see the article's special effort to showcase Art Colyer. This man has provided so much to the greater Tyrone community in past employment (I worked with him as a Tyrone Borough employee) and long-time volunteer service. In addition, he is deserving of our tremendous thanks for his past military service and actions with local veteran organizations. Even from over 600 miles away, I still consider Art to be like the Energizer Bunny - he just keeps going and going.

Please - when you see any of these members of the area's Fire Police, and anyone recognizable as their supporting family, employers, agencies, etc - be sure to provide your gratitude for what they are doing and have done for the protection of you and the community.

They certainly have earned and deserve it.
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